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After the 7+ albums that Polymorph recorded in 2019, it’s no surprise that he has continued his relentless aural bombardment throughout 2020 and into 2021. "haven't we met?" is a collection of 20 tracks, most of which were recorded over the last year. The last track, "covid troll" most definitely rolls, bounces and gurgles pandemic style. There is a relentless pulse that hails back to the heyday of rave music, but is punctuated by a punk nonchalance that comes from producing dance music in the cold void of the Pacific Northwest. Polymorph's brand of Drum & Bass has been compared to everything ranging from classic groups like Meat Beat Manifesto, to modern producers like Squarepusher. ​



A master of transition in an attempt to be basic combines electronic redundancy with imagination and clever technique.

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